About TalkWing
TalkWing is a social network without boundaries. Freedom of speech, no bias and no censorship. Chat, share media, follow members and communicate in style.


An unbiased social network where freedom of speech is the utmost importance

Time and time again we hear of social networks shadow-banning or suppressing the freedom of speech for it's members. We hear of corruption and biased promotion of information that benefits only the ones pushing their project. We hear of profile data being stolen or sold on to analysis and advertising agencies. Terms and privacy policies hidden amongst thousands of garbage paragraphs to help the system get rich without a single regard to the end users data privacy. Unless you have a degree in law, such social networks can almost do as they please, the fine print is far to deeply buried for anyone to be bothered reading it.

Fed-up of Facebook? Tormented by Twitter? TalkWing is something that will hopefully come as a breath of fresh air. An unbiased, censorship free social network where freedom of speech is the utmost importance. The only thing we are against is pedophilia and terrorism, such acts on our social network will be dealt with as a priority.

The way we see it, the internet has become over nannied by a small percent that control the entire web. Facebook, Twitter and Google have too much control. When you have a monopoly in any business, you have to live by their rules or compete. TalkWing is highly unlikely to become the next Facebook or Twitter, too many people are comfortable with those system, it is where all their family and friends meet up online after all. TalkWing is here as an alternative for those who have simply had enough of the big players in the social networking industry and want to break away and experience freedom of speech on the internet.

Obviously there will be arguments, there will be volatile discussions, there will be enemies made and friendships broken but there will also be arguments won, discussions that will empower the mind and friendships created. There will be minds turned to different ways of thinking, which is a good thing in our eyes.

TalkWing is also a place where both family and friends can communicate, share updates, photos, videos, create pages and groups. We have a marketplace that can be used to sell items of any kind, as long as those items don't break any laws. You can support us and buy advertising on the site to promote your own websites and services. We also have free live video and audio chat, private one to one or enjoy chatting with family and friends in groups.

Rather than nanny our members, removing content that you wont find on most social networks, we give our members the choice of that they want to see. If you don't like what you see, block it, block the user who posted it and you will never see it again. You can report any content that you truly believe shouldn't be published online, we will look into it and if necessary have it removed and if it's really terrible, take further action against the member who posted the content.

We want to give you the choices that other social networks don't allow you to have. We want you to enjoy expressing yourself without the worry of shadow bans, account limitation or termination. You are in control of your content and the content you want to see and not see.

We do have a team of moderators who will keep check on things, anything illegal will be removed and that member removed from the network, however, we will never interfere with your beliefs.

Take a look around our website and invite your friends to join. Together we can hopefully build something really good!