Immune Boost Against HIV and AIDS

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Immune Boost Against HIV and AIDS
Chris Milbank Feb2021

I have used a lot of great alternative health treatments since I was diagnosed with HIV Syphillis and Salmonella Typhi, back in 2016. I self treated with chlorine dioxide also known as MMS and treated my syphillis and salmonella typhi infections . I was of course impressed I had a number of other symptoms which I on the whole cleared, mainly through major chelation and detoxification of heavy metals like lead mercury aluminum and cadmium and more. I noticed that chlorine dioxide did not lower the HIV Viral load in me, in fact it went up, yet when I detoxed with zeolite powder and liquids the levels seemed to go down. I kept up these treatments and for almost three years I felt more well than I had ever done in my life.
I decided to buy myself an ozone machine, and do rectal insufflation, again I felt better again I detoxed loads of candida bucket loads parasites, ropeworms biofilm etc. Yet my HIV Viral level went up. Interestingly they also went down by a third on a few months of high intense protease enzymes, that strip viruses, but also break down proteins.
Now scientist and virologist expert Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, viewed over 150 samples of HIV and through an electron microscope could only find cellular proteins and debris never any virus. You can see her Youtube video The Emperors New Virus , also House of Numbers re an alternative view of HIV and AIDS.
Her research matched my observations, whenever I had any infections, oxidative treatments like chlorine dioxide ozone hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade, would do the trick, but not with HIV, if anything the so called viral load measured by a test would go up. Maybe as I was oxidising the cells with infection and toxins they were releasing cellular waste debris and cellular proteins. If you watch the videos I have mentioned you will notice they have not isolated a HIV Viris, and it has not passed any of the KOCH postulates that would prove it causes aids.
Now whether HIV is a virus or not scientists and doctors of allopathic and alternative health fields do agree on something. The vast majority of those with HIV and are progressing have a leaky gut and a leaky gut mucosal layer. They say HIV if a virus attacks the layer and the gut lining, this then causes deadly toxins and pathogens into the blood stream, with those that are diagnosed with Aids they have very serious leaky gut and mucosa. The immune system attacks the infection in the mucosa and the gut wall and then into the blood stream. In fact there is what we call a cytokine storm, the immune system goes from a balance of TH1 AND TH2 to TH2 Dominant. This is the overactive part of the immune that just attacks almost blindfolded, and creates a lot of inflammation, this again makes the leaky gut more leaky. When the immune attacks like this it also attacks our cells in that area, so there is a lot of cellular die off we call apoptosis, thus we see a lot of cellular waste and proteins, those that believe HIV is a virus will believe that as the immunes cd4 cells come down to fight the infection that is when they get infected by HIV and kill of CD4 Immune cells. However when more cd 4 cells are needed in the gut less are found in the blood. So there is an ongoing arguement of what is going on. However we can say when we heal the gut and the mucosal lining, we rapdily slow down the progression of HIV and can even prevent AIDS.
There are many people with HIV who have never progressed to AIDS and have a healthy number of cd4 immune cells, these people have good gut linings and mucosal layers. Also the infections people get when their immune system crashes into AIDS are most often bacterial infections, pathogenic bacteria that is everywhere that the immune system copes with it until immune compromised with AIDS. Mycobacterium AVium and Mycobacterium Turberculosis are two common AIDS infections, it is TH1 immune cells that tackle mycobacterium Avium infections, remember during the cytokine storm of leaky guts, we have less TH1 and go to more TH2 immune imbalance and inflammation.

My Protocol I am not a Medical Dr This is my research and findings, consult with a GP.
I like to take something that fights pathogens like bacteria viruses fungi yeasts candida etc, I take Two desert spoons of Meso Silver its a colloidal silver with tiny nano sized silver particles that cannot cause ARGYRIA a condition where the skin goes silvery grey blue . The particles are way too small to create that condition, but will work on infections and infections in circulation. You can even make your own if you buy a colloidal silver generator . Do ask I can put you in the right direction. I take the silver at night away from the probiotic supplements I take.

Okay the foundation is putting in earth soil based spore biotics, there are five I use, they are all Baccillus spores here are the names, Licheniformis, Indicus, Subtillus, Clausi and Coagulans. They come altogether in a capsule and are called Megasporebiotics.
Spores are bacteria that protect themselves from hard enviorments with a calcified and protein covering, which means they can survive for millions of years in the soil and when they enter a host ie a human with food they break out of these shells and become active.
The Bacillus spores, keep down pathogenic bacteria in the gut making room for more varities of good gut bacteria, they help balance TH1 AND TH2 parts of the immune system, they create antioxidants and even antimicrobial properties, they help increase cd4 and macrophage immune cells, they help repair the gut and mucosal linings. They can be taken alongside antibiotics as they use Quoram sensing that is chemical signals and they sense even the antibiotics so only come out of tehir spores when there is less antibiotic in the gut.
Antibiotics can kill up to 90% of our gut bacteria and allow pathogenic bacteria to take hold as the diversity is lost.
I also further take MegaIGg2000, which is an immunoglobulin formula that modulates the immune system up or down to what is needed, boosts macrophages and cd4 immune cells, and bind pathogenic bacteria viruses and endotoxins (toxins that are made in the gut by pathogens),they bind these and we pass them out in our stool via the colon. Also Mega HU58 again Bacillus Subtillus but a more intense dose, this helps the immune system even further. If you have antibiotic induced diarrhea, then it's good to also take their MegaRestorFlora. These items I would take at full dose for about a month, before adding in MegaPre a prebiotic, this feeds only the good gut bacteria, the idea is the healthier the healthy gut can be is with a higher diversity of good gut bacteria, so I would take this alongside The Megasporebiotics and HU58 FOR THE 2nd month, After that on the third month add in Mega Mucosa to really help build the mucosal lining. Remember 70 to 80% of the immune system is in the gut. After this third month I would if your feeling good, just stick with the MegasporeBiotics MegaPre two or three times a week as a maintenance dosage.

Of course some people will need to do each or one of the stages for longer depending on the ehalth of the gut, some may have candida yeast overgrowth and during the first month could take Mega Mycobalance to help remove some of the fungi yeast etc.
If you have a lot of candida do email me as there are extra things you can do, and for serious candida issues detoxing heavy metals is very important.

So that is the protocol. I have cleared several Aids infections and I have other blogs on how to do that, I have twice cleared hospital diagnosed pneumonia without drugs, nebulising 3% hydrogen peroxide food grade, took me two or three treatments to clear.

However do remember that whilst acute infections and or chronic systemic infections are very important to clear, and can be treated directly, healing the gut and mucosal layer and modulating the immune system is all very important too.
Good supplements to take are
High dose vitamin C
Green Tea
A diet flooded with vegetables and fruits especially tubers and root vegetables as they are great fiber that feed good bacteria, if you don't get enough fiber, the bacteria will eat again your mucosal lining. Brocolli cauliflower sprouts cabbage garlic onions are also very good as high in sulphur if you can tolerate them.
and in general a good multi vitamin mineral formula from a health food store.

My email is I am not a Doctor, these are my findings and experience after battling HIV AIDS.

Julie-Anne Mullan 13 w

You inspire me. Self help for Self Health. You've demonstrated how to keep medical onside so elegantly.

christopher Milbank 14 w

aha yup im well rehearsed on neem, the point of this protocol is the specific order things are done in, probably 99.9% of people on the planet would benefit from it, but hey ho. Some of the most diverse microbiomes are tribes who live in the Amazon forest. We all have loads to learn
thankyou for your great comments

jeff lab 14 w

Thanks Chris for your thoughts on it. Totally agree consuming mainly cruciferous and sulphur foods. I would say also decreasing if not eliminating carbohydrates that don't bring good amount of nutriments ( white rice or anything from wheat/cereals.
You know i advocate also the use/abuse of herbs as they contains so many micro nutriments - give you a good boost of oxygen - traces elements that need no time / no effort to be used by the body.
Different breathing technics aslo help - decrease inflamation ( wim hof ) - meditation - yoga also complete this healing process.

Please, google the fabulous power of NEEM on cd4/cd8 as well as C-Reactive protein and many other issues. Amazing assets as well as many others herbs.

Thanks for this post and cheers my friend.